Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul – Ep5 Apps we can’t do without

September 8, 2016

Hi folks and welcome back to the Raw Podcast!

For episode 5 we decided to meet in Ikea. Dave needed to sort out a Kitchen and Paul never misses an opportunity for some Swedish meatballs.

So we meet in the canteen over coffee and said meatballs and decided to record our latest episode there and then.

Topics covered this week are….
The new Fuji 23mm F2. Dave is excited about this as it’s a quite similar to the 23 1.4 that he has but much smaller with a quicker autofocus. It’s also water resistant. Ireland is a wet place. Bonus.

Paul is excited about the new Apple Watch and iPhone launch that will take place on the 7th September. More of that in the next episode for sure.

For this weeks main topic of conversation we are discussing what applications we could not do without. So, drumroll.

1. For Office Admin
17Hats – Both Dave and Paul use this.
Studio Ninja is worth checking out.

2. Culling and Editing
Photo Mechanic (Dave)
Aperture (Paul)

Lightroom (Dave) – Lightroom and Photoshop (Paul)
Alien Skin Exposure
Capture One Pro

3. Exporting and blog preparation
JpegMini Pro
Code & Hustle Storyboard

4. Album Design
Smart Albums – The one and only.

5. Online Galleries

6. Phone Apps worth checking out.
ACR Call Recorder (Android Only)
HulloMail (Android only)

7. Email Apps.

A couple of notable exceptions that we totally forgot about.
Paul loves this weather app on his iPhone called Dark Sky. It’s not available on Android (at least not in Ireland). Gives you rain notifications that are accurate almost to the minute.

Another app that really should have been mentioned is Sync Folders Pro. Dave uses this for backups. There are a ton of various sync options if you want to tweak things to your liking but basically Dave likes to clone his drives. When it comes to keeping your images backing up is probably the number one priority out there so if this is the one thing your not doing yet then you need to get on it.

If you have any great apps that your using or would like us to try out then please let us know. We love a new app so don’t hesitate to share your favs with us and the other listeners.
We’d love for you to leave any questions or comments either in the blog below, or at our Soundcloud Page . You can also email us at hello@rawpodcast.com if you want to be a little bit more private about it.

Thanks again for listening folks and please subscribe.

Dave & Paul

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So then, where to find more from Dave.

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And where to find more from Paul.
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4 comments on “Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul – Ep5 Apps we can’t do without

  1. Darek Novak Sep 8, 2016

    Great. Respect guys for doing it during peak of wedding season. Some good advice on apps! I used to have Zenfolio but always feel like complicated for me and. I think j it’s complicated for clients even more. Plus they charges for selling are crazy? I switch to Pixieset. It’s all cool. Minimalistic easy to navigate and finaly I start making profits from selling prints which is impressive. It so easy to navigate and make payments for clients, and most important they do not charge you.at all. You just simply paid to print company whatever you own for prints.
    WEE transfer for quick 24 H access photos share. No need account or signing,Nothing. just drop files and email . I found it good for not tech clients and persons general not into”internet” but we need to connect with them.
    Not sure it’s related,, but I use YOAST SEO it’s plugin for WordPress which help you to optimize your blog post for SEO. Very helpful for me as not native speaker . I think we have few fellows here who are from different countries and they might use different app.ikr translation apps air correct spelling. Defo I should use it but to lazy .
    PS Paul thanks for your honest explanation about not getting new tattoos and mugs and I see podcast is called Dave and Paul not Paul and Da e Ndi promise when I will post it on group o Wil keep right order.enjoy your new toys guys, waiting for your thoughtS.

  2. Awesome guys! Laurie & I swear by Wunderlist.. Its incredible! Liking the sound of 17Hats.. We are doing all that work manually and the idea of it being somewhat automatic sounds amazing! Whats the set up time like for something like that? Do you think one/two days could have you set up on it?

    • admin Sep 21, 2016

      Hi Dave.. Paul here.. 17hats takes a little bit of time to set up but once you have it going for you it saves so much time! Mail us if you have questions no problem!!

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