Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul Ep6 – 5DMK4 XT2 Unboxing

September 21, 2016

Today is the day folks! It’s September 8th and that means only one thing! Well two things…. The Canon 5DMK4 and the Fuji XT2 are out today!
Will Paul take the leap? Will Dave go through with yet another trade in? All will be revealed in this slightly longer than normal episode that was actually recorded over the course of a few days.

Aside from the camera news there is also some talk on Apple’s latest Keynote where they launched some new shiny stuff. Paul’s eyes get all glazed over.

So, listen in and enjoy as you’re about to hear two very hyper guys. It’s almost like taking a peek into what it must be like on Christmas morning – only with better than average presents. (Presents we’ve bought ourselves mind you.. Being a grown up sucks).

Thanks so much for downloading this podcast and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording it. Oh and sorry it took so long to be published, we’ve both been busy boys with weddings recently. We promise that episode 7 will have no where near the same wait time.

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One comment on “Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul Ep6 – 5DMK4 XT2 Unboxing

  1. Great episode guys. I’ve been tempted by a proper move to Fuji for about 2 years now. I dipped my toe in with the X100, loved the images that came out of it but found it was nowhere near the speed and power of my Nikon. Then I doubled down on Nikon and the X100 started gathering dust. I’ve been itching to make a move from my D7200 (to D750 or X-series). It’s great but still not completely happy with its autofocus in low light and I do miss that something extra the images from the X100 had. The X-T2 caught my eye though and your review definitely has me making plans to pick one up next month when I fly through Heathrow. One question though, how was the flash for the dancing? I remember you mentioned it was an issue on the X-Pro 2 (or was it the X-T1?). I’ll still have a D7200 on hand though so it’s no biggy.

    One other question… Thoughts on the 23mm lens? Aside from the extra few stops you get, do you think the 1.4 is worth the extra few hundred?


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