Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul – EP4 Canon 5DMK4 Worth Waiting for?

August 25, 2016

Hi folks! We’re back with Episode 4 of Raw Podcast! Thanks for joining us!

This week our main topic of conversation is surrounding the release of the Canon 5D Mark IV. Is Paul excited? Is he bursting with joy to get his hands on the new machine from Canon or is it all a little underwhelming… Maybe Dave will switch camera system again, who knows.

Aside from the above we have a few more small bits of info and an explanation about where the heck we’ve been. And also an apology from Dave yes thats right.. an apology, over Voxergate. We also chat about a game that Dave spotted on an Instagram stories called Oxenfree the link is below.

Here are some articles we mentioned on the Canon 5D Mark IV.

Canon Announces the EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR


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Dave & Paul

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2 comments on “Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul – EP4 Canon 5DMK4 Worth Waiting for?

  1. Paul needs to look into a Sony A7Rii!
    Advantages over the canon 5DiV are smaller, lighter, cheaper, tilt screen and 42MP. Get a good adapter and he can also use his current canon lens, whilst still retaining AF. Not the same same weight saving as a full fuji setup, but happy middle ground.
    I have one and the continuous AF is stunning. So much so that it can easily keep up my 2.5 y/o running around when shoot wide open at f1.8 from only 3-4m away. Something my XT-1 couldn’t do.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work with the podcast.

    • admin Aug 26, 2016

      Dave here – Cheers for that Kevin and thanks for tuning in (Do people tune in to a podcast? anyway..) Yeah we know quite a few videographers for example using the Sony’s and they are an amazing piece of kit. I think though that a lot of professional photographers have kind of forgotten about the Sony’s as the AF was so bad on the initial models. Might be time for a rethink though. It’s amazing to think what the likes of Sony and Fuji for example are coming out with and on what appears to be a much more frequent basis and then poor Canon shooters wait almost 5 years… for this… Doh!

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