Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul Ep19 – BigMacs Straps and Cracks

January 8, 2018

Does anyone read this?

This week’s episode has some serious background noise annoyance. Sorry about that. We decided to meet up half way to record this episode and it turns out that Mcdonalds is not the best place for recording audio. This will NOT happen again.

With that apology out of the way we hope that this episode brings you plenty to enjoy with lots of talk on the new Fujifilm XE3, Paul got a couple of new little items including a new strap for his Apple Watch and new peak design strap for his X100F.
We also discuss the new phones from Apple and Google and Dave and Paul pick their sides.
And finally is Paul getting closer to that D850 purchase?

Thanks again folks for listening – and we’d love it if you could write a little review on itunes. Every little helps.

Dave and Paul.

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