Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul Ep18 – Nikon D850 Fuji XE3 and Bladerunner

October 18, 2017

Hello All!

Thanks again for listening and sorry it’s been such a long time since the last episode. The summer season tends to do that to us wedding photographers. All work and no play makes for two very dull podcasters.

Dave and Paul meet up to watch the new Bladerunner movie so as we had a bit of time prior to the movie we started recording. We continued the rest of the podcast a day or two later.

This week we catch up on a load of new tech.
Paul got the new Apple iWatch (3rd generation) and tells us all about that.
Dave talks about the new Fuji XE3 – he hasn’t bought it – yet.
The D850 is a hot topic. Has Paul went and got one already? You’ll find out soon enough.

We also cover the new phones from Apple and Google and well as bunch of other little bits and pieces.

Thanks again folks for listening – and we’d love it if you could write a little review on itunes. Every little helps.

Dave and Paul.

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