Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul Ep14 – Dave crashed his Drone

May 23, 2017

Hello All!
Welcome to Episode 14 and thanks for joining us for another Raw Podcast.

Paul has went and done it and bought himself a Fuji X100F. It was bound to happen 🙂

In other news …
Dave has crashed his drone. A tree stepped out in front of him.
Paul is off to Ibiza for a wedding and is trying to decide on what to bring.
DJI are bringing out ANOTHER drone. We drone on about that for not nearly long enough.
And lots of other little tidbits to keep your ears busy for an hour or so.

Looking forward to episode 15 when Paul tells us all about how his Iphone 7 no longer works because of water damage. That’ll be a fun episode!

Until then, enjoy and thanks for listening.
Dave & Paul

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