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May 4, 2017


Hello again!

Welcome to Episode 13.

This episode may sound slightly different than normal as we’re doing it over Skype, rather than face to face but hopefully you won’t notice – in fact, forget I said anything…

So in this episode we drool over the new DJI Goggles. WANT. Big time want.


Dave is back on Instagram and explains why and also why he’ll try not to be as addicted this time. We’ll see….


Dave gives an update on his time so far with the Fuji X100F.


Our big talking point this week though is all surrounding the issue of copyright and not being credited for your images. Something that I’m sure most photographers have experienced in some shape or form in their careers.

You’ll see the image I talked about on my Instagram feed.

I hope you enjoyed it folks and thanks as always for taking the time to listen. We’d love if you could like and subscribe to us on iTunes (that helps to bump us up the listings).

Dave & Paul

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