RawPodcast with Dave and Paul – Ep36 The Galaxy Fold. To much to soon?

June 5, 2019

Welcome to Episode 36!

We know what you’re thinking…. How did the MyZone March Madness play out? Well, we cover that first.
By the way – If you want to get a belt and join in, the offer still works.
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This episode was fuelled by copious cups of coffee brewed by Dave’s new coffee machine, the MoccaMaster KBG 741 (I know. Catchy right?!)
You too can own your very own Moccamaster by visiting the link below or Amazon or anywhere else that sells them….
You won’t regret it but be prepared to spend a small fortune searching for your fav blend.

Bendgate is back. The Samsung Fold has been released to the world tech reviewers but it hasn’t worked out exactly as planned.
Still.. I’d like to see one in the flesh.

Dave has had a hands on with the X-T30 at last and Paul gives his thoughts on the new Firmware for his Sony A7III. There’s a autofocus standoff…

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Thanks again folks for listening.

Dave and Paul.

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