RawPodcast with Dave and Paul – Ep34 Blogging plus Fujifilm X-T30 and Canon EOS-RP

March 13, 2019

Welcome to Episode 34!

Who likes blogging? Who likes putting together end of year posts? Is it worthwhile? Who watches them? Well, Dave and Paul ask these very questions and more on this weeks episode.

Aside from that we discuss the new camera offerings from Canon and Fuji.
The Canon EOS-RP

and the Fujifilm X-T30

So, place your bets. How long before Dave owns that X-T30 and the poor X100F is resigned to retirement, once again.

Speaking about the X100F, maybe part of the reason for the demise is down to the Pixel3. Yes, Dave is still harping on about this and shows off the Night sight. It really is some sort of witchcraft.

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Thanks again folks for listening.

Dave and Paul.

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