RawPodcast with Dave and Paul – Ep30 Nikon Z Slotgate & Mavic Pro 2

August 30, 2018

The Big 3 0 !

Welcome to Episode 30! 

Well, what a weeks it’s been with Nikon’s announcement of their full frame mirrorlessT Z6 and Z7 cameras. That card slot though…

Oh, speaking of cards slots and memory cards.

Dave mentioned these Tough memory cards from Sony.


Then of course – The new DJI Mavic 2 drones. These things look incredible. Will Dave get one. Will Paul get one? How much gear are they going to have to sell first? 

That iPhoneDo review.


Oh and of course, the Chuck Klosterman segment. You’ll not believe Paul’s answer 🙂

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Thanks again folks for listening.

Dave and Paul.

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