Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul Ep21 – Camera Predictions Wishes and Competitions

January 8, 2018

Welcome to our first podcast of 2018! It’s great to be back.

This week Dave and Paul catch up on how their 2017’s seemed but more importantly look forward 2018 and what they’re excited about.

We talk various tech and also discuss their worst purchases. #arselessunderpants

Stay tuned for the competition at the end of the podcast but just incase you can’t follow Dave’s rules through his constant laughing then here you go.

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Look for the post with the image of the Digital Holga and Peak Design capture clip. Like the post, follow the account and tag three friends. Simples.


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Dave and Paul.

And where to find more from the Raw Podcast

Web – www.rawpodcast.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rawpod/

Instagram – instagram.com/_rawpodcast_

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And where to find more from Dave.

Web – www.davidmcclelland-photography.com

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Tumblr – davidmcclellandphotography.tumblr.com

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So then, where to find more from Paul.

Web – mhphoto.ie

Facebook – www.facebook.com/Moathillphoto

Instagram – instagram.com/Moathillphoto

Tumblr – moathill.tumblr.com

Snapchat – Paul – Moat hill (pmon-aul)


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