Raw Podcast with Dave & Paul Ep11 – Unsocial Media

February 22, 2017

RAW PODCAST 11! Who would have thought this would ever last?

In this episode we talk about what we’ve been up to. We both visited the ProFoto Expo. It was… meh, okay. Good if you’re into things like Printers and Album design companies. Not so much if you want to look at latest camera tech.
ProFoto Website

Dave talked a bit about Adobe Bridge vs Photo Mechanic.
He loves them both and they both have their own strengths.

Dave also talked about his new Nest thermostat. The Jonny Ive debate will last for a while… 🙂

The mad crazy Death Star lamp from Ikea

Other quick mentions..
Nikon’s rumours on the D760 and D850
How we both want the new Fujifilm X100F

Well… that was disappointing.

The main point of discussion though was surrounding social media and taking a break from it. The reason for the break pretty much all stems from Dave watching this Ted Talk by Cal Newport – Quit Social Media

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